i make things: Signage Design

I am an Industrial Artist and have designed signs (signage) for over 50 businesses in Toronto. My work is all custom fabrication leveraging the incredible talents and facilities to be found in and around Toronto. I have learned to communicate effectively with dozens of small machine shops, manufacturers and other artisans to tap their talent and expertise. I bring them work but most importantly I know what the shop can and cannot do, and how to explain my needs succinctly – I don’t waste their time. I often ask them to put their skills and machinery to work in ways they never did before to achieve the result I need, but this is usually mutually beneficial as they “always wanted to try that” or “didn’t know they could do that”.

By combining the skills of several shops (and not having the overhead costs of owning all the equipment) I can confidently offer virtually any material or technique to my clients or use any of these in my own designs.

“Can you weld?” “Can you polish steel?” I get asked all the time if I personally possess all the skills necessary to complete a job. The answer is yes and no. I do know how to weld, but I’m nowhere near as skilled as the crew at Milvan, who bend, brake and weld all my stainless steel. They create the designs that I dream up. But my designs are almost never the results of one shop – the stainless steel frame needs glass for the face, LED’s to light it, graphics, polishing, sandblasting, painting, powder coating, chroming… the list of processes is endless. I’ve learned how to do all these jobs over the years, but knowing who to call to get it done really well is more important. I can shepherd a design through all the various shops and processes and that allows me to confidently state “yes!” when I am asked those types of questions, even though I won’t be the one getting filthy polishing your brass letters.

I’m just a click or two away – ask me anything – anytime. I’ll respond within hours at the latest.

No question is stupid the first time you ask it.
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