i make things: Experimental Design

I’m curious. About everything. Always have been. This used to get me into trouble, especially as a child. But as an adult I’ve learned to turn this from liability to ability. I like to experiment with industrial materials and processes. I like to make things, and I am most happy when I can make things from what others consider garbage, or when I can repurpose a cheaply mass produced thing into something that looks custom or cool. Exploiting a method or process to achieve a desirable effect is a constant source of amusement for me. But it’s not just fooling around, it’s research and development. I attribute much of my success to the fact that I don’t have a “style”. I create something new for every client, using my knowledge of media and process as my palette. Each client is an individual brand, and I treat them accordingly. My signage could be described as site specific commisioned art installations. But that is a bit more pretentious than I will ever be. But experimenting is a huge part of delivering something fresh to each client.

In the experimental department you will find one-offs, upcycled pieces, prototypes, test pieces and other attempts. Some work, some are exploited further in other pieces, some will never be cost effective, all are interesting for one reason or another. (to me)