i make things: Materials and Solutions


I am good at a great many things – but I’m also well aware of my weaknesses. I wish I knew more about electronics, programming and engineering. I have a great many ideas that sit unrealized in my sketchbooks because I lack the necessary skills to execute them, or the time to learn the skills. This is where you come in. If you are reading this and know how to program an Arduino, Raspberry or …[Read More]


We are all familiar with the climate in Canada, but if you aren’t – from our lowest temperatures in January to our highest in July the temperature varies 32 degrees celcius on average. (in Farenheit, that’s from the 90’s to 20 below zero). Huge swings. We don’t leave things we like outdoors for very long – punishing weather extremes will drastically affect anything not designed to withstand them. One of the first conversations I have …[Read More]



If you did a site search of my website, you would find the most common word on it is aluminum. It is my favourite material by a long margin. It is soft, light, durable, easy to work, easy to machine with and polishes well. It has limitations – the biggest being you cannot easily and seamlessly weld it. But this drawback is one of the many things that perversely, draw me toward it. I like …[Read More]